About Us

European Innovation Center provides comprehensive consulting services in obtaining EUsubsidies and funds. We are specialized in making effective applications for non-refundable financing sources from UE funds. In order to ensure the highest quality of services, we work closely with clients at every stage of the project meeting their expectations and needs.

What do we offer?

We provide a comprehensive package of services!

  • Analysis in terms of the possibility of obtaining co-financing of EU funds
    The process of obtaining EU funding is a complicated one. But there are many advantages to using EU funds.
  • Detailed analyses and legal opinions
    Thanks to detailed legal analysis, all legal risks in the process of project implementation and execution can be eliminated.
  • Financial analysis of the company
    The project must be aimed at profit. A correctly prepared financial forecast is a great asset for an effective project.
  • The possibility of entering Eastern markets
    EUIC offers consulting services to clients interested in starting up or expanding their business in the Eastern markets.



The effectiveness of the activities of EUIC experts translates into the satisfaction of our clients, who have received hundreds of thousands of PLN in funding for their projects thanks to our work.